terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2004

Unity by Division

Recomendo a leitura de Unity by Division, um artigo de Kathleen Lehman no Planet Bahá'í.

Fica aqui o "aperitivo":

The step from separation of church and state to the unity of religions is breathtakingly short. If no religion is preferred, if none is supported by preferential tax laws, compulsory education, health and welfare services, or any of the other instruments of governance, each individual is free to follow the dictates of his own conscience and choose in what way he will worship God. Followers of all religions will soon live side-by-side. Tolerance will be encouraged; plurality will thrive. Ecumenical movements will arise, and multifaith organizations spring up. The mystery and alienness of the other's religion will vanish, for one will see and understand that the other's religion similarly impels him to worship, to live a goodly life, to work for the betterment of all. The similarities, rather than the dissimilarities, of all faiths will be emphasized.

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