sábado, 3 de junho de 2006

Bahais under scrutiny in Iran

Reportagem de Surya Gangadharan para a CNN-IBN (India), emitida hoje. Notíca completa aqui.

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Bahais under scrutiny in Iran

New Delhi: Speculation is growing that a government inspired campaign is underway in Iran against the minority Bahai community.

The basis for this speculation is a note sent by the UN Representative on Human Rights, Asma Jehangir to the Secretary General. Iran says this is not true.

Iran may have drawn reluctant admiration for its stubborn defence of its right to a nuclear programme, but its internal policies have been the subject of much international debate, especially when it concerns a religious minority, the Bahais.

The note in question refers to instructions issued by none other than Ayotollah Khameini.

The instructions called for close monitoring of the activities of the Bahai minority, and information on them to be gathered in a confidential manner.



O jornal Público (no passado sábado) e o Der Spiegiel (Wie die Mullahs Andersgläubige drangsalieren) também já noticiaram o assunto.

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