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Ecos do Egipto

Ainda sobre a decisão do Supremo Tribunal Administrativo do Egipto sobre o direito dos baha’is verem a sua religião identificada nos bilhetes de identidade, aqui ficam mais alguns ecos do assunto na imprensa internacional:

Losing their religion (The Guardian – UK)
U.S. criticizes as violation of rights Egyptian court decision to ban Bahaiism on identity cards (International Herald Tribune)
Egyptian judge's ruling throws minority Bahai community into limbo (Daily Star – Lebanon)
Islam's Apartheid (American Thinker)
Bahai battle intensifies in Egypt (Al Bawaba - Jordan)

A reportagem da TV Al-Arabia

E a tradução em inglês da reportagem:

(Beginning of the video isn't clear)

And the case that start before two years ago, by request of group of Bahai families that they official suffering to be forced to write other religions like Muslims or Christian as requirement to get Id card.

Dr. Basma:"It been long time and two years we are asking the government only four thing either to write "bahai" or "others" or dash or blank and the government can find solution ,already the solution is there , there was a solution before, there was in ministry of interior computers ,the option "others " and they issued Id card , birth certificates other documents for the Baha'is with "others".

The previous court decision that was to agree, caused a lot of argument in Egyptian public opinion, especially they don't accept Bahai as religion. although some recourses insist that court decision was to make Bahais exceptional then others ,to protect the community from marriage relation with other religions ,which case a lot of problems when one of spouse identify his real religion.

In court there was a lot of active people that sympathy with this group, they were asking for citizen right regardless to the religion and also in the court the re was a big number of citizen that were against this case and were insisting to keep the Islam identity and not let to any other group to mess with Islam religion or its basis.

"If he is Muslim, he is renegade! How come he is Muslim and he says I'm Bahai!"

"The case of Bahai's generated a question might be much deeper than what the case is self generated, which one is more important the country or the believe? Its a question many may prefer not to answer – Ahmed Othman from Al Arabiya"

(Thank you Lua for the translation!)

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