quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2007

Why do we blog?

Esra'a raised the question: "Why do we blog?"

Probably, every blogger has one or more answers. And every reader will make a judgment on every blog: are we narcissistic, “citizen journalist” or just wasting time. Blogging has it’s own limitations. The cultural background of every blogger sets the limits of his/her activity. For instance, as I write mostly in Portuguese, most of my audience comes from Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique; I can not expect to reach an Arabic speaking audience.

Writing in English it certainly enables us to reach a wider audience, not only to English speaking countries, but also to millions of people who use it as a secondary language. And software tools sometimes it is possible to provide rough translations.

Sharing experiences and exchanging ideas with bloggers from such different countries as Brazil, Zambia, Iran, Korea or Bahrain allow us to gain awareness of different interest, needs, and problems in different parts of the world. Such an interaction, in fact, enables a cross-cultural understanding and dialogue. In a sense, it gives us a kind a global conscience.

But this feeling of “global citizenship” was just an unexpected consequence of blogging.

But let’s go back to your question: “Why do we blog?”

My two blogs provide two answers: in this blog my purpose is to relate the Baha’i Faith with world current events, to present some ideas on comparative religion and social issues. In my other blog (Antigamente) I try to preserve the memories of my grandfather (he was a medical officer in the Portuguese Army and fought in World War I). His collection of postcards is an interesting visual memory.

May by that blogging has become a sort of an addiction; but it is not the most important thing in life. I am the father of two young children and most of my activities are limited by their needs. My time to blog occurs mostly when the children are sleeping.

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