quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2007

Tony Blair e David Cameron

Ainda a propósito no Naw-Ruz, o Ano Novo Bahá'í, não resisto a publicar aqui as mensagens de Tony Blair (o Primeiro-Ministro britânico) e David Cameron (Membro do Parlamento britânico e actual líder da oposição) enviaram à Comunidade Bahá’í do Reino Unido. O conteúdo das mensagens foi copiado do blog Barnabas Quotidianus.

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Naw-Ruz greetings from the Prime Minister (Rt Hon Tony Blair MP).

March 2007

It gives me great pleasure, once again, to send my best wishes to the Baha’i community in the UK as you celebrate Naw Ruz. The United Kingdom deeply values the presence of the Baha’i community and the unique contribution you make.

The words of your founder, that “the earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens”, have perhaps an even greater resonance in 2007 than ever before. The universal challenges of climate change, and its potentially disastrous impact on millions of people across the globe, remind us forcefully that we are all fellow citizens of the world, all sharing in its destiny. As we confront these challenges I have no doubt that you, and your fellow Baha’is in other countries, have much to contribute to the debate and the pursuit of possible solutions, drawing on the tradition of working for social justice of which Baha’is can rightly be so proud.

With my best wishes to you all for the forthcoming year.

[Signed] Tony Blair

* * * * * * * * *

March 2007

Happy Naw-Ruz

I am delighted to send all members of the Baha’i community my best wishes for a Happy New Year.

The principles which the Baha’i community hold dear - in particular unity and also the promotion of social justice, a belief in the importance of family life, and a concern for the environment - are of central importance to our society today.

The fact that so much work has been carried out to put these values into practice, through development projects around the world does great credit to your faith.

I know also that you will have in your thoughts at this time those communities elsewhere who face persecution because of their faith. Freedom to worship and to hold religious belief is a fundamental right which we must always cherish.

May I once again send my good wishes to you and your families at this time.

[Signed] David Cameron

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Penso que estas mensagens reflectem um reconhecimento e um apreço pelo contributo que os bahá’ís tem dado ao bem-estar social no Reino Unido e no mundo. É difícil imaginar algo semelhante acontecer em Portugal.

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Pedro Fontela disse...

Wooing the Baha’i :)

GH disse...

Se fosse em Portugal o Sócrates e o Marques Mendes haviam de trocar acusações. Se os baha'is fossem bem vistos aos olhos da opinião pública, discutiam qual deles tinha sido o primeiro a enviar a carta de felicitações; se os baha'is estivessem mal vistos, acusar-se-iam de "andar metidos com baha'is".