terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2006

Answering George Wesley

Where do you live?

I live in Lisbon, Portugal

How big is your family?

We are four: my wife, two sons and me.

What is your job?

I am an IT Consultant. I work for a Portuguese software-house.

How long are you a Baha’i?

I became Baha’i on the 2nd September 1984. It was a Sunday. And it was during a meeting at the Baha’i Center, in Lisbon.

How did you become Baha'i?

It was in a barbershop. The barber was a Baha'i. I was curious about him; usually barbers are talkative, but this one wasn't talking about women and sports. He was talking about the Faith to another client. I listened carefully and joined the conversation. During the following months I had several talks with the barber. He lent me some books and invited me to several meetings with Baha’is. Five months later, I declared my faith in Bahá'u'lláh.

Is you family Baha'i? If not, what was their reaction towards your acceptance of the Faith?

My family is Roman Catholic. My parents have always been active Catholics; but they are post-Vatican II - minded. In other words, they are open minded. My father had no special reaction when I became Baha’i; but my mother told me she would rather have a son with some sense of spirituality, even if he were not Catholic, than having a son claiming to be Catholic and having no spirituality at all.

My sisters and other relatives were always curious about the Faith. They always ask me questions if there is some religious issue going on or if they watch any TV program about the Faith.

My wife and her family are also Catholics. When we got married we had a Catholic celebration and later a Baha’i celebration. You saw the photos.

What is your favourite book/tablet amongst the Baha'i writings?

The Book of Certitude. But whenever I study any other book or tablet I get the feeling "This is my second favourite book!" That happened with the Tablet to the Kings ant Tablet to Maqsud. I posted several texts about these tablets

What is your favourite baha'i author?

In the beginning it was Hasan Balyuzi; then it was Adib Taherzadeh. Now it is Moojan Momen. Right now I am reading "The Phenomenon of Religion: A Thematic Approach". It is the best book I ever read so far, concerning comparative religions. Michael Sours was also a favourite of mine for a while.

How big is your local community?

It may sound strange but I really don’t know. There is a large group I usually meet when I attend Baha’i activities. I guess the number of baha’is in Lisbon is around ninety believers.

Have you ever served on a Spiritual Assembly?

I was member of the Portuguese NSA for five years. I was also member of the LSA of Lisbon several years. Now I do not serve on any Baha’i institution.

Are you a pioneer, or have you ever consider pioneering?


Have you been to Holy Land for a pilgrimage? If so, what is your most outstanding memory of your pilgrimage?

I went on pilgrimage in 1990. The most fantastic memory was to have a chance to be alone inside the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh and reading aloud the Tablet of Fire.

Name the countries you have been to.

Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Zimbabwe, Israel, Andorra and Luxembourg.

What languages do you speak?

English and French. I also understand Spanish; it sounds like singing Portuguese.

What is the best book you ever read?

Os Maias. It is a romance by a Portuguese novelist, Eça de Queirós. It is a love romance but full of social critique to Portuguese society.

What is the best film you've ever watched?

It is hard to choose between Dr. Jivago and Casablanca. Both present love in very difficult times.

What famous persons (excluding Baha'is) do you admire?

Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela. They all worked for "the best beloved of all things" in God’s sight: Justice.

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João Moutinho disse...

Quem é George Wesley?

Marco disse...

É o autor do blog Bahai Views (http://bahaiviews.blogspot.com/).
O link está no titulo do post.

Maria Lagos disse...

E porque é que ele te entrevistou?

pedro disse...

É sempre bom saber um pouco mais sobre ti e recordar algumas histórias que já conhecia. A entrevista é uma das formas mais nobres do jornalismo, pois é a que está mais próxima das pessoas e da sua essência.

Um grande abraço amigo

george wesley disse...

I love how you learned of the Faith from your barber. To be able to talk about spiritual matters in the barber chair rather than purely mundane subjects would lead me to get a haircut more often! Actually, of course, I can be the one to move the conversation to more spiritual subjects.

Thank you you for answering my questions, Marco. I have been an admirer of your blog and have wanted to know more about your life as a Baha'i. I so much enjoyed seeing the pictures you've posted of your wedding, too.

Blogging can be a powerful tool to share the Glad-Tidings of Baha'u'llah. Your blog exemplifies the quality that a personal blog can rise to. My complements to you, my friend.

Maria Lagos disse...

O Wesley tem razão! Gostei de ler a entrevista e agora o comentário dele.

paulina disse...

Allá'u' Abhá! yo te escribo de chile , tu posteaste al blog de los bahais de Concepcion.. en erl video del coro, que genial! un total agrado..

Paulina disse...

hola.! yo soy de chile, tú posteaste al blog de los baha'is de conce,, que sorpresa y alegría, un salido para ti tambièn..